How’s The Weather?


“drive the point like a nail”


one strikes up a conversation
how humid it’s become as if are
your children well as if what did
you get them for christmas as if and
then recedes into art objects intake
compression power as if exhaust

one finds the hole has been dug
too deep and in one’s dream the
trains are on time as if but the platform
is too far and the feverish ticket agent
exhibits unusual aggression shoes drywall
paint wood animal fiber surgical thread

one remembers white men first then
white women then black women then
black and brown men an asian someone
from estonia dracula came from trans-
ylvania a real place i suspect no know
pain drink pen paper focus foreskin

pokemon go was released for mobile
Alton Sterling and Philando Castile
were killed by men sworn to protect
in july 2016 wooden tables silk human
hair thread lead steel intention as if action

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