Wikipedia Poem, No. 229

“These are men without names; they are called / After their lands, after their handwork / Men will remember the smell of their garments / Not as of us the sound only / Of words over earth door” Archibald MacLeish


Grace— your characters’ will
respond to their dialogue’s inner
workings at your ear’s invitation

Joy— the difference is
though for dialogue to invite
classic lies behind those inner words

Grace— and those invitations develop
lumber but love the welcoming timbre with
the bizarre smell of photographic developer

Joy— i’m responding to your prompt
tends to discussion as you would
a lumpenproletariat advent rose

Grace— telling a story balances loss with
fantasy there’s more going on in every verb
regardless of the subtlety of drama

Joy— the man talks to his dog
about far more branches exterior play oil
you have to leave his dog to naturalise him

Grace— themselves so you ultimately
choose the subtlety of choice then shift
between it and freedom as they may be

Joy— but the narrative plays
a knack of influence over the insightful voice
work this is just text gently animated

Grace— animation is optional see my brain
under nature’s spell needs let go of
economy where you as writer live also

Joy— ends the script or voice work
be gentle with this form of dialogue the way it
uses lore the audience won’t last on true sea

Grace— so on break streets forum threads
it’s so effective a choice to choose work
metaphysical journey as script

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