Wikipedia Poem, No. 188

“Wrapped and sealed with masking tape / Moistened with sweat / Experience existence of ignorance / The product of capitalism” D. Boon


itur quincy naturincoments of laing sed
to the larevaposillecomed behil by lakes areft
lanipurins orting soil des ine chatur leavind

toductiments an ing behine
lanipurin sed behin ithe quine
thern it graposillin shmine in ice

chan ina wet a was ices to 40 toadie
quinctither may becom grainctimed
dis ine timents andistrine lakesedis

(or of toductiments that areavion incts
(behin pat washe arevaphatine systaget watur
(cana was and mor of lains instimed of the cashe placia

th ite pat may
thessed may ind
farew evapogranipurain

of sous an lund
by cana was (ortilled revin
lefle dran o lefle was

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