Wikipedia Poem, No. 149


describe	jumping	a	framework 
describing	and	discussed	analysing	jump	a	framework 
   describing	normally	
        the	games	will	be	used	as	and	lots	of	iterative	developments	
of	the	movement	the	games	will	be	used	analysing	jump	
this	tware		
measuring	moves	presents	of	the	data	explore	the	game	
detailed	informations	which	case	studies	of	the	movements	
of	the	movement	is	thesis	will	explore 	the	movement	
in	each	 formation	about	the	precise 	running	points	
of	the	character	input	thesis	provides	designing	jumping	
jumps	three	 game the	recorded	using	from	screen	
recorded	using	in	
each	formalised	
as	a	tea

Source: Fasterholdt, Martin. You Say Jump, I Say How High? 
N.p.: IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 29 Nov. 2015. Web. 17 Mar. 2016.

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