Pre-Columbian Parlor Trick

“so that it can be completely the / now” Jorie Graham
A white man stripped nude in February snow
A white man bisected and disemboweled 

A white man lowered into a boiling fin de siècle kettle
A white man, a nail gun, a scoreboard

A white man, his radius and ulna strapped 
     to the rough cut stump of a boxelder maple, anterior artery up
A white man finds a white pill on a library shelf, 821.8

A white man handcuffed to an iron rod
A white man before the firing squad

A white man passed a biblical joint laced with wormwood
A white man remembers eucalyptus, three dusty foxes 

A white man locked in a crate meant for his dog
A white man swung for sport and slammed into a brick wall

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