Wikipedia Poem, No. 103

"Calling all the drone-dead children." Michael Robbins
“Calling all the drone-dead children.” Michael Robbins

the ceremony of home
what bastion of Kanye 
said behind his moment

I may have not read 
rallying, rallying behind
a poet of serious political debate

the MTV Video Music Awards support 
a savvy e-seller of lengthy speech
what bastion for sale on eBay


an unusually lucrative poet
“C’est la guerre” 
was a serious singer 

his second prize 
is available — another hit
to be purchased unusually 

and the old
cannibal poet
strikes again


the officers search 
for three suspects 
in the night

they sent wounds over the radio 
into men off and back
with words like a gunshot 

the poet in heavy gear
with a high-fashion K-9 partner 
sent off pursuing others 


He never returned home 
the home of both teenage girls
and authorities on the Jersey Shore 

make contact with one 
and one told an angel reed
of their missing home 

O, Captain! You’ve left
never from the girl
only from the Jersey Shore

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