The strange quality of clothing—we’ve resigned ourselves to this “welcome lie.” The objective body—the only perfect object—enhanced by a lie; the bra, a slimming black tshirt, boot cut denim jeans, corset, girdle. (Please note how tough it is to find index items of that type for men.) (Perhaps this speaks to some social structure: women’s clothing broadcasts & enhances their physical status/attributes, for men, their clothing broadcasts their social status/class/occupation/internal/etc. “Blue/white collar,” $ of suit, button up v polo, tie (of which much must be written elsewhere…), muscle t, etc)etc)…) But project —> What of a homogenous, monastic society where m&w start over & choose to always wear a black, straight tunic. Does anything change? Basic social/societal/occupational interactions… are you freed or trapped? Does “fashion” free us or limit us? No free society will ever completely choose the monastic tunic—generations 1,2&3 (theoretically) may, but 50 percent of G4 will rebel, will free a/o corrupt that formerly noble cause accoutrement. I’m thinking about the Amish. Whatever, the point here isn’t about my relationship with fashion, but rather my relationship w other vis a vis myself through how others present themselves in the world; my participation in the world conversation.

The appealing low plunge of her black tshirt, then what? The man says, “Yes!” The man says, “Mine.” The man imagines great, prolonged scenes of impressive passion throbbing against the walls of reality, firmness of memory. Why? Passion is a ward against the dark field of death. (?) (a ward?) (Nothing a ward.) A distraction! A distraction with REAL BIOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE. (∴Terrorism is a major reaction by a minor voice?)


9 data points to define? + bands of relationship (8?) (6?) that reflect changes in (perception?) (affect?) (response?) —> effectiveness

Does this relate to my initial thoughts? Seemingly not. How does this R/V spectrum play against the “welcome lie” of fashion? It seems that it doesn’t. But let’s try something anyway: The HUGE social mover, major voices, (so which, $ —> biz —> economic drivers here? supra-fashion, supra-industrial, supra-publishing, supratech…) It’s hard to quantify & identify in the positive. Shadow conglomerates, conspiracy fodder…

OK, then: define the ModVoice, define the MinVoice.

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