Morra (Dissimilate)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 894

every counterpart essential
salmonella-microscopic substances
local camorra proteins
the brother solara thot experiment
encourage vesicles of engulfed vacuole
invagination ann-type smaller
intact cells are smaller intact

cell membrane continues school ann’s love
despite ann’s brother solara thot encourages
after bits of microscopic substance local camorra
process plant counterparts salmonella microscopic substances
local camorra proteins the brother grade school ann
exocytosis storages after bits of engulfed by simple solara
thot encourages bits of the neighborhood extracellular friends

roles are
grade school ann she
escapes with her fingers
transports smaller
cells microscopes a simple life
of salmonella

transport brother solara thot
encourage vesicles extrusion of sample proteins
reproduce invaginate school ann begins
the neighborhood friend? marry a rich ann a
a counterpart essential visible under plant counterparts
essential extracell membrane compiler stories enrage

after bits of the family’s support smaller intact with
cells shrink intact with salmonella microscopes phagocytosis
the story enrages ann’s vesicles solara thot
encourages bits of the neighborhood storage
process plant neverlove despite absorb
friends should transfix engulf extrude
life of the neighborhood small extracellular friends

middle storage vesicles transfix engulf plant material
never love despite ann the neighborhood friend
when impoverished in a poor neighborhood
friend middle school ann she escapes phagocytosis
cells are smaller intact specimen microscopes of the
plebeian class impoverish smaller brother solara

bit the neighborhood friends
masculine story fingerless enraged
after bits of the golgi apparatus engulf
material transfixed by a simple story

who enrages bits of salmonella a simple game
microscopic substances local camorra league
process plant shouts never love
despite ann agrees transfixed

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