Are You Rea (Robert Heinecken, 1964-68)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 721


Joseph M. Gerace. Justice Building. Hackensack, NJ. 2018.

gaze     hesse objective    their reasonable           bro        
however  the submerged bitch        understands broadly felt 
brecht  answer the gaze    daily 
some deception of detachment hooks that projective      of a logo (a 
certained composition      as if subject           if        
that looking and this            opposition were simultaneous

expensive  replay for cumbersome degree of life         say:  picture  
say           to happen say        to the  choreographed simplex protested — persona 
degree of photo's           size               the risked  up  
wearing and waving     with small schools beyond a doubt         
but his opposition to life              however           
expensive that logo'd thing (a ceremony broadly felt by brecht

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