Wikipedia Poem, No. 375


“What shall I do? not be Rich or Great, / Not to be courted and admir’d, / With Beauty blest, or Wit inspir’d, / Alas! these merit not my care and sweat, / These cannot my Ambition please, / My high born Soul shall never stoop to these; / But something I would be thats truly great / In’ts self, and not by vulgar estimate.” Mary Astell, 7 Jan. 1687

different weapons
     related to change 
     from a glance 

in oxford of one substance 
     hackensack whiteout  
     reported into gold  

altar holy dreg 

learn more 
     helped sentences 
     for transform vs transmute

form from nature substance 
     without god no possession  
     day transmutes 

learn more 
     helped sentences 
     form from transmission 

was transformed 
     form nature selling different 
     hymnals change 

for transmutation apparent
     changes in appearance  
     without god no possession 

if equipment can transmute 
     transmute me into other 
     withouted objects

without god 
     no possession  
     apes appearance

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