Wikipedia Poem, No. 309


placed in the child
hovers above and the marvel
stove its in the grandmother
sits some breading pathway
then the pages of the hot black stove
reading the pages of the house

she the child house
puts some bread and the old grandmother child
but secretly and herself above stove
and talking and says the mad on the house marvel
feels child draws a rigid house pathway
feels child grandmother

but secretly and the mad on the almanac grandmother
with the almanac house
with the kitchen crayons the child draws a rigid pathway
time to be says the grandmother child
but only know what her marvel
busies her stove

sits some breading the shivers half open above stove
and the house grandmother
were both foretold grandmother marvel
sits in a man with failing child draws another house
tidying pathways then the stove child
reading up the stove pathway

the grandmother pathway
but secretly and herself above the almanac stove
with crayons like tea now child
but only know what I know what i know grandmother
like mad on that herself about the child draws a rigid house
tidying pathway then with crayons the house marvel

in the house marvels
were both foretold grandmother sings to place pathways
in the flower bed the shivers half open above house
the shivers above the child stove
is watching pathway then the house grandmother
she the rain must dance little marvel stove child

between houses the hot black stove
little marvel stone breading the pathway
grandmother rain proudly cuts child



  • Bishop, Elizabeth. Sestina. n.d. Web. 15 Sept. 2016.

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