Wikipedia Poem, No. 190



enduring in the
enduring question
for sale three quarks each

until it was discovered
destroyed electrons
grains three quarks each

evolved along with humanity
people once were enduring
blocks three quarks each

inside quarks said the physicist
have we haven’t we been able
to see any evidence at all

most fundamental layer
of matter the physicist asks
have we any evidence at all

we’re reached most fundamental
layers matter bits of matter
or quarks and evidence all

if quarks say science
how small the universe
abject possession of minutes

that even quarks and electrons
divide the horizon bits of matter
existence even more minute

graphic scientists don’t know
quarks even channel horizon
the idea appears as space

two particles like quarks
smooth but correct an
idea appears to be loops

of discrete pixels
or grains some of
no matter with no

experiments teensy
tiny particles would
solve universal tiff

referred to by physicists
still spatial still discrete
often recursive

to loops of being two
particles would each
always solve the other

able to loop a grain
sometimes referred
to infinitely close actually



Source: Mourya, Shankar. Ujjain Kumbh. 2016. Hindustan Times, Ujjain. Photograph. Web.

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