“saffron, crocus sativa”

frank   take the plastic bag off yr head
poets planted light here   not people
poets with banana plants for tendons

or poets’ armies of thick carbon fiber killers
faces loaded with pulverized crocus   frank
bring me proof of meaningful life

beyond the gun range   poets   frank
were sown in victory’s forehead
frank   you listening   when was the last time

you went a-fishing from south beach pier
rainbow trout gasping like dandelion   frank
reciting rebecca lindenberg as you adamantly

burn through the last filament of air
are you mournful or war wise
I   for what it’s worth   buttstock bipod flash

guard   rather a dry   wise cactus   frank
whose dusty broach crawls forth
like a foul hand toward the sun

begging   always
begs like a

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