Wikipedia Poem, No. 153

“…having to acknowledge one’s total alienation from poetry chafes against the early association of poem and self. The ghost of that romantic conjunction makes falling away from poetry a falling away from pure potentiality of being human into the vicissitudes of being an actual person in a concrete historical situation, your hands in my mouth.” Ben Lerner


mythos/mt yhos

   a ber   crearch 
who to gothe 
come creal  was but cre 
   he womedity  a tor ast dragued 
cand youlutelfister 
   act effora 
but coverign?’” 
Mr Boz sh as in reartin improject  self ims
Insist catelfiver 
   way   manhad a elf the mored-outed 
vish an’s can 
   man as 
   nall  w

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