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Wikipedia Poem, No. 935

Double Accordian, 2019

the place where one is lost

clicks develop a trained sense
off season receptions
but not when the camera

the place of easy death

sunward institution a telephone
the system establishes 24/7 security
positions &yet continue to grow

fish taken out of the water

diabolical security staff the venue
this world also utilizes large gates
provides other venues to grow

the foggy place high up

consequence of security fort is a shit
word eradicate it me who am as a raw
nerve be tethered to a meaningless

two moccasins fastened together

binding events establish a 24/7
position assigned to additional coverage
this error establishes incompetence diurnal

a bag tied in the middle

so blasts security systems as follows:
large gates crash monitors the
chautauqua police department even

the most American thing in America

should the third patrol dismount
off season bicycle security station verb
the lance-carrying staff meme’d

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