Wikipedia Poem, No. 52

Scene 1


    scene A 
“He tied her past me, first what I need” When 
  are your face When 
you’ve got an autopsy 
         to the 
      attorney Or 
          found there’s a business board?”
His old 
      man’s eyes landed back and listened to botch “But…
find the 
        checkered patter of time
     Someone else will die and 
          slit her.” 
         More smoke in my 
        eyes from across 
his overgrown 
        business measures dash 
         by Fingers dully on 
  then… you what  I 
never killed back and slit her 
          remains Don’t secure 
         the attorney Call 
me and stopper 


      stared past me to botch “But…
tell your 
face when.”

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