>abuse & leisure / ugly women

>still no shoes, nor the virtue of shoes,
same piercing gravel road, neither
the purse to spy a map nor compass
but how i’ve bumped this great vacant villa

where lies an ottoman
for my abuse & leisure
beside that: a chair, a fireplace
for care, great care and staring

where i rest, my legs
forgiven and mind set
to share a burden of waking
one morning — i wake unshod.

ugly women deserve
jealousy, eyes like slits
in a steam pipe, fat
with unchecked rage & hands
sublime, unclenched.

a black and white dress, petals
hung from a dim lamp; darting
two-thumbed jewel; scanning
the longest legs, not-your’s hair
& unimagined fulfillment

if your face was more symmetrical
you’d be a poem or limerick, though
time to all false unveils, and in wind
embraces the gate into love & powder

our journey’s race run
the blister feels earned
uneven, puppeted: I’ve come
to love your single swooping
uneven cheek, it’s tenuous play

hands laid onto the war
pulling breath from my chest,
witnessing your name
returns a calm even strength.

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