>Terpitude + M-W Poetry Project p1: Metaphor of Anemone / and Failures


Quick Explanation: I’ve been slacking with my writing recently. Between my job and ‘extra curricular’ activities, in a dark, dark corner somewhere I find a little solace and sneak away to write sometimes, but it’s not enough. So I’ve designed a quick and simple writing exercise for myself ala college Sophomore-era creative writing classes: Merriam-Webster jets me a ‘Word of the Day’ email everyday, so I’ll take that as an opportunity to provide myself with a promise of, at least, to have a puzzle-work ingredients for a poem everyday. However, if a poem takes more than a day to write I won’t expect to abandon it simply because a new word arrives.

Cool, so here is today’s coffer:


Word of the Day

July 6

turpitude \TER-puh-tood\
: inherent baseness : depravity; also : a base act Example Sentence
The judge declared that the murders were the product of a gross moral turpitude.

Did you know?
“Turpitude” came to English from Latin by way of Middle French. The Latin word “turpitudo” comes from “turpis,” which means “vile” or “base.” The word is often heard in the phrase “moral turpitude,” an expression used in law to designate an act or behavior that gravely violates the sentiment or accepted standard of the community. A criminal offense that involves “moral turpitude” is considered wrong or evil by moral standards, in addition to being the violation of a statute.

Heaped upon muscular hooks mass the messes,

the pile washes with sea water, anemone

slowly creeps into blackness

blue at extremes, crawling further.

Biology’s virtue sweeps away their sadness: Filtering the neurotoxin

Note to self: Refine around metaphor of Anemone/Turpitude

Initial experiment was a complete failure. As with moth endeavours, as soon as the thing was begun I psyched myself out of the required work. This is the ultimate problem of my life. I could give it an easy label, “Fear of Success,” but that feels… cheap. Easy. I keep finding myself suggesting a deeper investigation. A second look. Like those behind me who can separate fun and work and are constantly looking over my shoulder, complimenting and/or ridiculing. There is no difference. Is this a poem? Maybe, a little. Not really. Sometimes it’s fun to just trail off and let the words pave the way. So that’s that.

Watching Comedian earlier today led me to thoughts of how Life is just hard work. In the barrel some lives float to the top, others settle toward the bottom in the shift caused by the upward motion of those who succeed. Generally, it seems to me, I do not have the propulsion to succeed but have the desire for something greater. My failures of person constitute that sinking feeling. I’m forced to choose between easy and up.

Easy or Up?

Everyday is a sort of fork where any decision you make can greatly influence the rest of your life. In either way. Anyway.

I’m done beating the horse.

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