Found Poetry No. 1

mystery of the ghost
bloodthirsty massacre, dark water

have you seen the legendary
Chi Xu Cliff mermaids?
the Soviet Union harvest
rival week wins a distress message:

“save me, lady in the water
in the door to the scene
Zhou Sheng had died.”

mobile phone lover Luo
spent SMS pop-up
long a certain death:

“i am the lady in the water”

this is a brutal revenge
this is a premeditated killing

beautiful police officer leaves competition
involved in the investigation
a strange supernatural evidence

“but have to point to the Su Feng, Su Feng
serve the suspect — nixe — the event”

another detonated mysterious jade
wake the sleeping years memory
the truth is beginning to emerge.

The horrors of the legend of the lady in the water
Chi Xu Cliff is forbidden: deep caves, terrible secret
many to students, many to die
Sex and the City
the unthinkable occurred everywhere
perhaps, the devil behind you!

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