[no where to say]

What if the point of the Occupy movement is that a very diverse group of unhappy people sitting numb in front of secondhand televisions knew that they needed to say something, but didn’t know what it was that needed to be said?

They felt this ache, this discomfort, they knew the general area from which the discomfort was coming… but how to address that?

For so many of my generation the course of action is usually to hide behind 4 walls, behind a television, behind a laptop, behind whatever nominal comforts are sold to us from across the Great Blue Light. But what about that ache… it’s never out of sight out of mind with the ache.

So the OWS crowd came together… ±2 months now… they’ve been searching.

What will they find? Who knows?
Maybe it’s a red herring? Maybe it’s a farce? Maybe it’s a spark?

I think maybe OWS is about trying to find some answers to these questions we — black, white, red, blue, whatever — have as individuals… or to figure out the questions first, so we can seek out the answers.

And wouldn’t it be specious if thousands of people from across the county knew exactly what their answers were within 60 days of knowing there was even a question?

Anyway, I’m sure the riders of the Montgomery bus system were extraordinarily inconvenienced back when, but look what a little action there did.

Don’t want to speak for Bruce, but I think the point of the post was, ‘Good for the protesters, at least they’re standing up.’

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