>sex as shorthand


sex is shorthand for something
its falling frenetic system of near-loops
onto sweat-splattered plains i have broken
its code — led by a soft hand too softly
to her door abandoned or unwrapped
vividly protected from above — single words attack from split second splashes
descriptors like: night or tracks in time:
peach peach peach peach
written sloppily in rapid succession
each shame deteriorates leans further to the right
or modifiers of intensity & purpose: hand
its bold appeal in plain script carefully constructed
why this light? why its grace now?
why here in this bed, beneath these sheets?
this wide captured shade of lipstick red

3 a.m. — deploy the variables, the cherried unknowables
the dotted n’s at the early morning diner three weeks now
falling from a cloud unharmed the rain sex is shorthand
belonging to it.

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