>"A young teacher explains to her children, ‘Modern Art is interested in Abstraction.’ And I cringe. And I am aware of my cringing."

>”Don’t make this about you
And your ‘Cartoons.’ Your inability
To function on human planes
Is what renders us untenable.”


“No, no, no, I see all the same
Shapes and colors, I get it. I see
This Mickey Mouse head-shape and
That drunkish pigeon. And the …”


“And the themes, the repeating squirls,
Floating around like lazy smoke. Who
Gives a fuck? The almost-straight big dick
Slashes, real repressed kind of masculine violence
Only a pansy like you could whimper
In public. For the whole world to see.”


“Well, I don’t want it. Not one of them.
Doing a thing badly is a terrible disguise.
And now? This flaccid hand wringing


“I don’t fucking care where you’re hanging.
Arguments require two people. Human
Planes, Sid.This. Here. You’re a fucking

(for Cy Twombly)

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