>Improv for Sarah 1


a cobbled pack of birds 

no flutter, nor flap, but vibrating
mastering the clouds with such fidelity
then abandoning the tapes, driving on

what could they caw, this cawing crew
that would address sincerely your soul
metastasizing warmth despite the tapioca snow
slippery slush sours Freyja’s fair footfall

cooking down the stairs, garlic hisses in almond oil
by sexual addition and with sloping, angled intention
the knife, stand-in for the after, kisses a perfect sweetness
her round, naked toes breach the kitchen, contented breath

*(Freya (or Freyja) was a beautiful Vanir Norse goddess of love, magic, and divination, who was called upon for help in matters of of love. Freya was the daughter of the god Njord, and the sister of Freyr. Freya herself was loved by men, giants, and dwarfs. By sleeping with four dwarfs she acquired the Brisings necklace. Freya travels on a gold-bristled boar, Hildisvini, or a chariot pulled by two cats.)

**(this is a really meaningful poem, it has has a definite A-part, B-part and an epilogue. it transitions. it’s inspired by beauty, literature and life. (specifically Sarah C., Nabokov and the sort of spinning direction our world is always taking.) i am devastated in doing this, but i will take this parenthetical as opportunity to apologize to people who don’t get what i’m doing. sorry. this poem helps me realize i actually know EXACTLY what i’m making every time i choose this word or that word, piece together this sound or that, omit a comma or enjamb this, end-stop that. i love every bit of what i’ve made for you to read, so enjoy it. or else you won’t.)

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