>Untitled 11122009 (part 1)

>“Every generation has a keyhole to which its eye is pasted.” – Mary McCarthy, 1953

“Don’t push too hard.” – Family Motto, 1945-2010

I’m just as callous for facts
as the next cough, itch or cancer
the pillow all hardness, air of
unlit matches, spread over evenly
with a clear

Continuing on hungry when conventional
wisdom so damnably at-the-ready:
“Touch this side of the rainbow,”
one man still;

Pasted over time and filial sinew
spiny fingers
to the ultraviolet rend      truth
     a great hobby       that skyward riposte;

Always a fall; bridle cage & lock pistons
now     because     this falling always:
“Keep yr hands close, yr eyes in focus,”

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