>1_No Impossible Morning Coffee // 2_Hungry Football (incomplete)



No impossible morning coffee

caught half an hour in a forever cup
rain, i’ll sip of you
scared to accept all of you
and is there ever too much time
will our love curl under and away
like cold from an open ice box?
only men at work are sublime
the ball after its left yr hand is
what’s essential underfoot loosed
over its crowd i am hung from the sky
gathered and cursing the cure and
nods at naught but my infection
my height
my reflection
no matter how our names bean off the walls
backwards we are among friends
and honest ears clouds trailing away away
always away
& the thing in flight is neither
hunger nor morsel beneath
earnest hands the garden swallows dirt
earth spins when it falls into yr quiet hands
i have gotten ahead of myself
spiraling past what should not survive
everything suspended through invisible trick
tied tightly to attendent fingers
so much depends on wet blue roads
[ … ]

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