Jelly Ring

Wikipedia Poem, No. 871

You can actually learn to have grace. And that’s heaven.
— Eileen Myles

write overlong nested recursive sentences
then follow the logic backwards there was no small
talk and no dead air if it didn’t come through the
bathroom or the bedroom i didn’t find it writ-

ing is all performance something’s passing through when
people talk about formal constraints that’s just tech-
nology that’s fashion verboten adjective
from the german forbidden from old high german

farbiotan to forbid cognate with forbid
quod vide forbid verb old english forbeo-
dan forbid prohibit past tense forbead plural
forbudon past participle forboden from

for against and beodan to command from pro-
to-indo european root bheudh be aware
make aware common germanic compound compare
old frisian forbiada dutch verbieden

old high german farbiotan german verbie-
ten old norse fyrirbjoða swedish förb-
juda gothic faurbiudan to forbid in
middle english the past tense was forbad the plur-

al forbade the past participle forbode for-
bade forbidden expression god forbid is re-
corded by early thirteenth century forbid-
den fruit is from genesis chapter two verse sev-

enteen i think that’s avant-garde the meeting of
need and language as though the ambition must be
hidden at all times sad and nice a walking tal-
king cheap teal t-shirt everything will ruin you

why not this? i’m the factory i was big for
head injuries to be literary is to
write archaically you literally can show
the thing that you saw or not — small useless pocket

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