>9th Street & 4th Avenue, You are Many Things, First and Last of Which is Not Me

>Half-naked, dear wondering about the middle of the street
& you hear it, the water exhaling underneath
the sweet music none can see
floating like an oily film across the sea
begging for its single match, hungry for change

Half-naked winking dear, a victim of disease
a beautiful messiah caught laughing in the trees
nearby foxes chase quick bees
from the flowers of their dreams
into hurried little traps, which
well, you know where they lead

Half of the buxom dendrophobic, naked dear
scant allowed to know and better we all are
imagination carries us far too far
to the pollen in the catch
smelling like haughty laughter
mixed with lascivious sap
she goes wandering the road
wondering about the midriff of the street

Half-naked dear & near double yellow seams
chains the way together in a certain stitch
each artery arresting beneath a drenched white T
stretched black sheet punched through with teeth
loose iridescent bolts she wheels around to catch
oncoming stars and rain, dizzy umbra, spinning steep

Half-naked dearest sleep, incidental sting, trips on soppy shoestrings
and passion pink mangles wither black like a sleepy kiss upon a cheek.

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