Thinking About Zuihitsu

Wikipedia Poem, No. 982

Tokyo, 2019

i feel my eye
my wife

ambiguity arcs
particularly effective

clicks i
my eye

wife stares
this ambiguity

conveys the
of the physically

and psychologically overwhelming
these particularly

effective clicks
i convene
my eyes

my wife
hunting actions of being
actions of kofi annan

of newt gingrich of
another herd of clicks
i feel my eye

my wife deconstructing one’s sense
being terrified—of finding the performer is particularly effective clicks
i feel my eye

my wife passes on
no action on being this
singular trail of blind bursts

Osaka Migraine

Stand Umineko in Amerikamura, Osaka, Japan

salarymen slide kotatsu
on the fourth floor
snoring wife swimming
dotonbori far off street
race shadow of rats

i listen, hearing
a much sought after freedom,
still long for last call

Tokyo 13

It is smaller than a picture
It is a black bird. The star
In orange, characterized
By beaks and legs —
Kyurukuru — and warmth
To spare. Walks with a saw
In a bright place such as a lawn
Or field while he grasps
The efforts of mirrors and insects
In the evening from winter
To late summer he bears
A big group and gathers the spring —
Gyeen — one year of birds
The hole of a tree, like the sea
We make nests and breed a lot.

Debriefing (Purple Chrysanthemum in the Dark)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 980

purple chrysanthemums when he's locked in currency
Saddle River, 2019

purple chrysanthemums
when he’s locked
in currency

his girlfriend he presumes
can’t smell her rose
his long black presumption

in the dark
it’s nobody’s job
to shine boots

antoni sneaks off
stateless watches
arrange shirts the hour

he’s locked
each day precedes
verde lungs

value in chrysanthemums
his girlfriend dollar watches
blossoming arrangements of purple

he presumes he can’t smell her rose
he presumes blackness further
his girlfriend presumes he can

smell her boots
arrange her shirts
the hour sneaks off

locked in the dark
each day
lungs verde

it’s nobody’s job
to dirty dead boys
in the dark