98 Dollars

Symbols, Signs and Signals

After Big Bruiser Dope Boy

I lay inside the sun
Thinking about the kid
Working at the gay bar
How that night he made
$98 in tips; It’s up
To the reader
To figure out
How to interpret
Other symbols.

Timely Feathers

 easy. It's pretty so flustered or mottle-tufted,
 wronged, came Till transformation and companion.
 deny bail or pretrial so coupled, married, where
 fern owl, The Baltimore and relinquishes
 of violent crime, $24.00 a long way into WATERBORO,
 feeding on works like RADIATING Giroux,
 So that the sister who was forced so harried, government 
           all that he kills,
 TOUCH museum of one And no one asks
 silent approach BESET resting Bill unleashes a torrent of