Distract & Conquerré

Wikipedia Poem, No. 927

Tener el deseo, la voluntad o la intención de hacer, poseer o lograr algo.

Tener el deseo, la voluntad o la intención de hacer, poseer o lograr algo.

documentary pissed
she don’t think of her
steve jobs-like baritone
& tweezed & tweeted elizabeth holmes

show-crime doesn’t pay
(saturated in urges worse to survive)
but her whetstone scandal
authorized for publication

her stories buried under the pub
their academically middling retro name
operation housewife
more than her matte star

just the latest to get it
sea of stares can get it
cooperating communications
provide her unsuspecting flair

to retcon: one sneak-ass recruit
she plays trick happiness
is a ceo working the whetstone
earning calloused wage

‘The Thinking Machines of Tomorrow’ W.S. Merwin

“The poems of Merwin’s mature career seemed to have been delivered unto him, then transcribed by lightning flash.” Dan Chiasson

from The New Yorker, November 29, 1969

Ape Escape

Wikipedia Poem, No. 926

of bumblebee and adamant

as opposed
for the zealous
or that denies

now you see corruption
raking hands so for
mean essay

than a land lying hannah hoch
informaldehydration senator’s
all of us
me the beast, o matmos

write lady past reality
read i can have a past
a successful harmony
frying waiting

can hear opposites
i think of poppies
just beautiful hand boys slobbering rod
i didn’t have pawns

the ideal man’s got to me
i have a generous tone in the bedroom
if those pawns thrall

yea of physicality
frying mates
here it is
here we are