Movie Made with Snow

Wikipedia Poem, No. 904

atrocious barbarous
cruel dangerous
depraved diabolical
ferocious heinous
infamous monstrous

the shattered remains of death
reception banned
in the movie made with snow
of surreptitiously formatted vhs tapes
only the scene of an extreme fatal soundtrack
of citation world and faces scents well worth a look
especially if you’ve not an astral other
kulik of schwartz the blood clots
and anyone unable generates youtubes of fakes
and that data faces its own bleak reception worldwide

segment the judges
footage smashed to trailer
the segment’s weekly top forty cults
capture each ferocious creditor with b-movies
the films often turn against each other have long
affected artists’ very poor organs
real gorgon video releases not in the people that
hold up the poor proletariat—tribalism primitive communism
feudalism capitalism and communism—real gorgon video
two features per week authors such as stressed medics
scooping ground around faces of death scented wax
movie editors the narrator produces real historical change