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Someone I respect is putting on a play.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 853 put on a play pliant appeal so what is putting on a play grow through here and grow through there crystal-sutured words i’m sure he can drive the honda crv its lithe dogwood takes root in these crystal-sutured words i’m sure… Read More

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Cleopatra Testing Poisons on those Condemned to Death

Wikipedia Poem, No. 852 it is 1887 at a banquet observe the french artist effects of fine arts think of antwerp now court ensure committee assault.exe swing with woman accusing then twenty-four hours after remarkable public hearing woman accuses committee kavanaugh says friday morning he… Read More

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“Ballad of the Savage Tiger” by Li He

No one attacks it with a long lance, No one plies a strong cross-bow. Suckling its grandsons, rearing its cubs, It trains them into savagery. Its reared head becomes a wall Its waving tail becomes a banner. Even Huang from the Eastern Sea,¹ Dreaded to see… Read More

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Coffee Table Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 851 book sony dynamic stereo headphonesbrian k vaughn (saga book two revolution brewing rod fiona staples brian k vaughn (saga book sony dynamic staples brian k vaughn (saga book sony dynamic stereo headphonesod cycle rook sony dynamic stereo headphonesood cycle rod fiona… Read More

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For Sale by Owner

The toddler’s chainsaw of false cedartop: Faces, forecast in papercut: Illiberal relief.

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How Can I Experience Joy? (Examples of Baal)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 850 the dumps the bible gives examples of baal one king ran away into his life one king ran away into his life one king asked god to the desert and asked video to the desert and asked god to the dump… Read More

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Cover Letter in Mourning (Nate Marshall)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 849 “For King, for Robert Kennedy, destroyed by those they could not save, for King for Kennedy I mourn. And for America, self-destructive, self-betrayed. I grieve. Yet know the vanity of grief—through power of  The Blessed Exile’s transilluminating word aware of how… Read More

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A Peaceable Rallying Cry for Needly Introverts (Chaotic Good Song)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 848 staccato dreams the floor stop running a terrible day’s behind incessant crickets most nights aerosol whispers i need you more students chore the choice to eat the minute hand off a grandfather clock inhale expansion lock to explosion like that grandfather… Read More

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Hypnotize (Radical Abstraction)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 847 above through the poem a little bit slicing ephemera — document the wiki-stuff and eventualize back at the stanzas in some consistent stanzas in some context backs movement blooming the movement jars current even as that movement that movement the jarring… Read More

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Never Say Seems To Be

In promotional materials, as in any great poem, never say seems to be. Of the White Whale estimating to the EPA for individual states draft the rising tide plunge California into returns promiscuous and staunch critics— climb into the climate disaster within. Little didactic poet,… Read More