Malachi Favors

Wikipedia Poem, No. 812


“If the cosmics didn’t lead me, I would be in some lounge making two or three hundred dollars a week, playing tunes.” Malachi Favors

i will tell you again
poems youth against beauty
like a rare monster swinging at frip cotillion
strangled and carved-out facepaint
remain the age you are young
never leave the burning barn
that was your ward: green bottles strangle southside
the monster’s fine gold drum hair
i told you it’s a monster that deserves
to live unmolested of designer label

again i will tell you
poems beauty against youth
like endimanché bashes the thin rocky air
melts flashbang-marsh rags rashborn ensemble
pearlescent veyron white of el niño breathsnape
menthol siphonophore spiked colonial red band
blue for the family bucket the barn was born
scrape that chicago polyriddim outta my helmet
it’s a monster that deserves to live
unmolested of designer label i told you this

Laura Dern

Wikipedia Poem, No. 811


        this year’s winner 
        and gators abound 
the toothy young 
scrapes out 
        the old 
        his time 
        often made drawing 
the tails and fins 
but it's a rough look 
        book repainted his 
        only possession of very limited vision for poetry 
great at 
        a very young age 
scrape out his 
        time made drawing as 
        dead activities for poetry 
        great docs       de polaina y 
                                casqui que dan del año 
                                have that repainted colonial 
siphonophore menthol 
        his family ragged edged flashbang

remain born strangle youth with beauty poems
to los and los 
strangles advertisement winner 
i was born at a very young age 
remain carved-out and strangle beauty with youth poems