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Protected: NJ Transit Poem

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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‘she said in strand’ (Determiners)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 820 for Deantoni Parks The forest is nothing but a single strand of spider’s silk suspended in wet air. the woman on the silk bus spiders forest asked if i was suspended jewish of is i said what she said in strand… Read More

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War Poem (American Horror Story)

  a woman on the bus asked if i was jewish i said what she said are you jewish i said my father was jewish she said good i said nothing she said there are a lot of good jewish people i read the bible… Read More

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Poem I Haven’t Read But Wrote

Wikipedia Poem, No. 819 can write email states i await from it from it you but i can review the little it from it your daily lives calista gibson executive group chief executive group chief executive a very good but i can write you more… Read More

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Eighteen Wheeler at Speed (Broken Time)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 818 is oblomov soaring only when giacometti is on? what about oblomov oh you don’t know? enough with the joists monetizing pastures run out loud no maggot-lonely world no doesn’t know enough about capital sarah morris now and time too mustn’t be… Read More

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Debase My Autocracy: Pterois Persona Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 817 “x people will y you things nd you mustn’t z / you mustn’t ever z” and over speech non-reference for text over speech non-reference for contrôle describe? how can of the only see your le costs one de salad bowl and… Read More

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‘We have passed through the night without deliverance’

these might be bad translations but at this moment they are the only translations available in english Nous avons traversé la nuit sans délivrance translated as We have passed through the night without deliverance sure it’s accurate but the translator must also be a most loving… Read More

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Welcome to Lotus Land (after Tony Hoagland)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 816 Because therapy heals all worlds: Welcome to Lotus Land. The workers the proletariat the sea-mines the TSA Agents of the Mind shoot back to zip me away from gnosis. Their neon swims across my whimsy metrics in the small, air conditioned… Read More

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Bayway Refinery

Wikipedia Poem, No. 815 The blood red light slick on my sky binds skin to skull. I’m not the man you think I am who connects to violence, belching, where sky blinds to understand what I condemn in me. What I connect to skin, to… Read More

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A Raspy, Screeching Hiss.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 814 A piece the size of me. We float downstream’s surge. Suddenly to steep, rocky shore and up under the boat down the stream’s surface began. The hotel has provided a nice razor set. I see how far down a submarine. The… Read More