Portrait of Shiva as 1,500 Terabytes of Genetic Code

Wikipedia Poem, No. 647


“different animals in the same ecosystem pick up on different environmental signals”

diction of distraction far away real
but exploding from fiction resource scarcity
sacrifice in the newsroom what a thrill to disappear
into the lush terrarium of cum dribbled into a kleenex

that warm dark drunk feeling of being a white male in total control
far away but also exploding to simulate the umwelt
what has been dumped into the smell of vacation at the
colossi of memnon life’s unrecognizable terrarium of cum

dribbled into the kleenex those eye glasses look real expensive
one’s unique genetic code disappears into the far away flush
jail broken to simulate pain and sacrifice the smell
of resource scarcity like scarification in the newsroom

what a thrill to create from vivisected tissue those colossi look
so expensive beside wrecked kleenex flushed into a cum soaked
terrarium into one’s unique genetic code disappears far away
shiva real fricative expensive controls resource scarcity

sacrifice is that no-feeling of being black out drunk
in god’s lush terrarium with cum spurting into the newsroom
any newsroom really what a cheap trick the adrenaline
what a thrill to be undervalued and overperform

We All Lay on the Island Beach Together (Tension)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 649

“151. Pseudo-cyclical time is a time transformed by industry. The time founded on commodity production is itself a consumable commodity, recombining everything which, during the period of the old unitary society’s disintegration, had become distinct: private life, economic life, political life. The entirety of the consumable time of modern society ends up being treated as raw material for the production of a diversity of new products to be put on the market as socially controlled uses of time. ‘A product, though ready for immediate consumption, may nevertheless serve as raw material for a further product’ (Capital).” Guy Debord


first ask is it interesting
tell the pocket waiter pull-ups skin-tight jeans
scent the studio booth
to be the hungriest ghost kill
in the studio booth smell theorists
scent the studio booth save the actor
kills in the transcendent idea of brilliant to love
basic vanilla body mist scents the hungriest ghost
to be known for a particular black hat
to be known for a particular black hat to kill
in order to slip on a theorist be known for the smell of one’s pockets
to scent the theorist’s tube top for a particular guess what
what’s in the studio booth that isn’t a still particle

life’s deadline fast approaching
that feeling of heroism self-conditioned
against resource scarcity sacrifice
supernatural darkness
of marijuana for the scholars
of cold-water flats floating across envelope scenting the air