On Politics

Wikipedia Poem, No. 642


seine          of the times
republicans like roots
                          diction control
                                          means         colorful
butchered meats leak from vines
the most popular color in the world     sky
strawberry  parsley  persimmon  almond  eggplant
meaning normcore              roots        goody-goody                    
call diction a spoiled system          friction addiction in america
reformist         reagan democrats                    
drawn to don    america's evolving empirical     mugwump
goody-goody     trawl
used in   macomb county       
and as such         podesta in chains                       
diction ally dossier in     mean business 
and by their lowest common slings
beleaguered trawling middles

Portrait of Amiri

Wikipedia Poem, No. 641


white politicians are their 
  weapons of there 
be black poems written until love 
let their weapons or they is 
their weapons 
       leaving whose 
         splintered steps or 
loud stumbling assassins 
we want a bar stool in 
     liberal spokesman for trees 
of there      william calcraft 
     poison gas bullshit unless 
        here’s a negroleader pissing
we want a 
stool in the white poems written 
         for steel love and death wrestlers
or shudder 
on the wrestlers' heaving breast 
or loud with 
lizbeth taylor’s 
     smear on girdlemamma mulatto bitches whose 
      brains souls pulled for the crow crowd
        splintering fire 
we want 
         a black people  arrgh


Portrait of Marx (2017)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 639


work   thee must educate oneself     
of what skills in her craft       make 
a     streetcar named authority   oh
who made this sweatshirt sweetie

three rhetorical questions then
how          must she educate herself
of what a woman directs
how must she educate her people       and
which woman disemboweled aphorism   why

give education to balmy breath
of what         a woman must be 
educated     herself       or burn rubber

a cauldron who breathes deep must           
educate herself    of what women
landmark their assembly   who
fed these grapes which will us again

one last rhetorical question then
how indomitable      to enforce 
authority or     on a mantle 
a small golden rhetoric   quiver


Full of Joy, Full of Shit

Wikipedia Poem, No. 638

“These ideas moved me to a place of pleasure through knowledge and some understanding of the way reality is constructed, of the way the self is formed in culture, of the way language sets traps, and of the cracks in the ‘master narrative,’ those cracks where power can be exercised.” Felix Gonzalez-Torres
   he wants them apart  to have swam
across the swan 
      and   most of the most 
       demands of 
      own japanese heritage as a way of concurrent 
hot knives since off     
           the prints  
     year    without saying anything added   
i           don’t desire a dive into his apex 
of inners 
     said mr  
      michael darling  
       next year   
    with professor 
    real noticeable 
i put my eyes back as 
      if no mushroom 
pattern cortez 
      in history 
      and his career around town
mostly adventure artist’s rendered craggy 
his apex in history 
of contemporary fart 
        him across 
monks rendered 
       battles another darling culinary glaze      
  period trash islands current vaccines  
         arc from 
smooth professor has 
       had real noticeable 

     i put 
my eyes 
into battle another's 
said michael darling 
added   i don’t know history 
   and his making art's arch of the 
pattern contemporary 
  and   tonist the professor has had 
        a real 

          my eyes 
         into battle metabolize intergalactic 
without saying that the 
   bonté in the 
bonté is the  
         body of xerxes still as  
       identity crises  said michael darling 
highly advanced  arc from 
      smooth professor 
has had 

i put my 
      eyes battle another's gaze 
 its own japanese heritage was 
   a way of 
its pesticide some kohl 
      is is 
   is is is is is 
  is is is is is is 
         is is 
is is is 
is is is is 
is is is is is is 
      is is is is is is is is is is 
   is is 
is is is is 
is is is is is is is is 
          is is 
    is is is is is is is 
        is is is 
       is is 
          is is is is 

the professor wraps around this apex 
    in history art 
beasts in 
the artist’s arc 
from smooth professor has had a 
   reach for the octopus 
  battle metabolize 
         history art 
    chicago mushroom 
         the want started as if 
       no museum’s 
started anne waldman's libido born in milleville 
not far from here 
the want of innerness 

eats its 
        own japanese mushrooms 
wants bonté in history and art and
arches towar innerness 
eats its period trash island 
around the body 
the waking body of xerxes 

       crises  said mr michael darling  
      i don’t 
          believe exist anymore

Campfire (Cornelia Parker)


Wikipedia Poem, No. 637


                       ele       formal emotionom                                     larcestromenelity
abstruction	        irresces                          dambight
wheele         qualia                   rescesces
el          abstral el explodent                     rection	 unisabstroy
shadenisabstroment                       ardenel             my       gary
larchition                             ele fluoresold		iddle
nation	               mystron                                                                              shade
ambight                                            elight                rection
unisabster                    pheel       phen                                     nations
view                     eleckage                                                                  mage
shaded                                      emotion	                         sold		iddlection
fluormadow      resourestran                                fluormal
abster                     pheelity
shadenelity                   ark            fragenomety                               trans
fral el                             fluornesold		iddle fluormage
whed          shaded                     fluormagmading
magmations                            lary	   astrom                        abstromenele
resold	     iddle fluormand    strand                      dambight   damatterical     el
wheation              viety                     fluornelight     nation                                   trand
ary        abstatureguity             dambigmaded           election
denele           dambight           maded
damagenelity            wheel         pheatinge cogniguity
damage         cognight               elia                               nationomenelity   lary
unigmage	               resold		iddleckagenigulary	                   mature
fluorms                                                 wheation                ystroy                           damp
nation                                                                                                      astroy
shadenomen                                      flodeating
nation  fluormadenele                   abstec

Harvey Weinstein’s YouTube Channel

Wikipedia Poem, No. 636


     peddling peddling beautiful young wares       
they share the title poetry recommendations 
the first seven the first seven their       focus   
permanently soft and their too chewed up   seconds of ice           
centered in their focus    premaritally soft         and my all 
the first seven seconds of a half dozen videos 
featuring beautiful young women the color of a   half         dozen videos 
i'm too chewed up by the   first seven        colors of a      half dozen videos           
featuring beautiful young women their focus       is premaritally soft    
and          the title poetry recommendations a half dozen digital frames smiling 
beautiful young        recommendations a half      dozen videos peddling women
 the first seven recommendations    their focus is premaritally beautiful young 
wares they share the         first seven digital         frames smiling     
peddling beautiful young    titles    recommendations framed      in premaritally soft   
focus their focus is permanently soft and i'm too chewed up to try 
their focus is permanently soft and the   color of       ice    centered in the           
half dozen videos    featuring beautiful young colors ice centers of my focus   
soft seconds of a half dozen         women          all chewed to poetry 
recommendations first then seven seconds of ice

Self-Conscious About My Ancestry

Wikipedia Poem, No. 635

“Ogni parola / è un gallo che canta all’alba. / Al mattino vedo il tuo volto / teso a strapiombo sulla mia grandezza.” Alda Merini
      permanently debilitated 
     google street 
    view images of acquaviva platani planted 
          soft yellow was much older 
than the 
american the terminal point 
a careful permanant debilitating thought google street 
view images 
  what's really there not
      really modest colonialist influence i 
  spent hours 
   google street view images of instafame 
   foreground holds 
background nisseni no more


Progress Rapidly in a Seemingly Uncontrollable Manner (5 August 1908)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 632

“O Zeus our ancestor, look with loathing on those tokens of a victory that was not won.” Hellenistic funerary epigram (trans. Paton)
galloping eyes
breeding that's 

      1913 and again 
again free 
grassy embankment   
    zero two eight
gross to the nines    
   eight hundred and twenty eight third class passengers  
we counted
  eight hundred and twenty eight third class passengers
again reproach 
membrane between 
1922 renamed a parking lot 
      in one 
feed as were from 

each other  

four foot 
x beams fifty seven   
    in fours   
       one hundred and six second class passengers 
again they're counted 
free from distinction 
  commonsensations but 
inert cars and 
          on fourteen bay twenty-second street brooklyn new york

     their eyes    
in rough port of distraction  
for northern 
       and fingered 
       again freed dogs 
gallop across hypoallergenic grassy 


Poetry is a Game You Play With Death

Wikipedia Poem, No. 631


palaver like cheekbones pulling me out of mushrooms
i remember now suggest flexible rough palaver
consciousnessy to me out of mushrooms i remember how
suggest flexible i don’t mind because its usage is a mystery
to me out of mushrooms i remember wow and suggest cheekbones
pulling unmoored words literally cheekbones right when i should have
been sleeping unmoored when i should have been sleeping in me
i want to be out of mushrooms i remember parallel slurs jerkily
my brand like context gills a mystery to badmouth rumi cheekbones
pulling me pulling me i don’t mind this unmooring
i actually like wordshined because of it’s liberal usage
i don’t mind because it’s usage is a mystery to me
swallowtail swallowtail what’s consciousness for anyway
swallowtail but alright when i should have been sleeping swallowtail
i wordshift conscientiousness have-beens unmoored with gills
mushrooms c4 remembering as if to suggest flexible palaver
used for badmouth for wanting rumi swallowtail jerkily brand
i am not frangible i don’t mind context i don’t wordsling for mind
unmoored swallowtail all the way up to my cheekbones
pulling me out of context mushrooms suddenly suggest palaver like gills
i remember flexible cheekbones pulling me swallowtail wordseeders
into the gills of context gills of mushrooms i remember again

Empedocles Buried Over the Stoa

Wikipedia Poem, No. 630


of disease friends 
of disease friends 
of disease friends among you
terrors by the terabyte
whatsoever illustrious stoa has man 
today blooms for redemption
some ask for deliverance though
others entreat the king 
but beg first at good deeds
who thirst blooms 
with holy diadem

equal authority 
for attempting himself 
in sights    poets and painters 
you will scream ill    scream ill
like the savage coupled bird