Violin Plot Shows Just Random Noise When There Are No Data

Wikipedia Poem, No. 594


          december march )         was a      french
) chromoluminarism and of quality 
chromoluminarism and a draftsman he         
is noted for logical abstraction for his extreme 
for his innovative          use of 
la grande jatte
( altered 
to be opposed 
to direction         
for his innovative usually 
supposed to be opposed to the    icons of quality 
chromoluminarism and delicate 
19th-century media 
for logical abstraction 
for logical abstraction   
for logical   abstraction of mind
his large-scale work
a sunday afternoon of the mind

marcus wicker and parmenides split a fifth and an order of pork fried rice and search for not-being in my spam folder

Wikipedia Poem, No. 593


boys' chains on every side 
and exceedingly so
those sides our director 
of emails regards this as 
full payment    you're entitled

to your opinion     me irl
carried rn me      carried 
   me carried fwiw me me me   carried jk

any shadows' successes    
but the boys' especially   further held   as possession
as regards to you and your mind 
filtering light through quick low clouds 

    undiscerning here should have drawn its place to thing 
    have drawn 
its place 
         of men deaf of 

office hours 
the filter   power 
così così
through the wet black ink bureau 
file my will    somehow
on our   niggling wetness makes it appear   darker   somehow crammed

          arise of placed thing 
eyes who preserve 
but justice keeps it 
lie from the same from thee 
for feeling under

time file our   hours' lord
the transfer 
office hours 
of you   
corrupt governor 
it then lie 

from these male things 
swung by me   along to be the carried thing me carried 
     me carried me   far
file our will 
as director emails on 
our payment   
file the will    inform 
your corrupt government 
build again   wet   charm carapace