Michael Robbins

Wikipedia Poem, No. 534

“I like the fact that once a piece of work is done, I cease to exist. I like the feeling of disappearing after finishing an artwork.” Xu Zhen

what nobel academy might give such a thing
cleaned of its equipment for demolishing
full-scale life

modern life
modern horrors
hilarious at odds unsettle

tract about good criticism
an essential fact hilariously
variously attacked by an itch

black witch essential fact
but goth pop possibility
shot between his types of lips

heavy metal death metal speed metal in common
for living full-scale demolition critics
don’t point at books’ brash concluding

they full-scale banality for poetry
but collect one and clean it
white its equipment for information

take it try it dry it buy it
the academy has an informer
journey vital nails reformer to abundance