Packing List


a brazilian mountain top
bonnie parker’s three-headed snake ring
a large black shirt and
a medium grey shirt because
i don’t know how big i
am anymore

‘Fundamentalist’s Clarity’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 516


“They fed the roots, / climbed through its leaves / to soak in sunlight … / and so, she told me, / I can see.” Tyehimba Jess

for Paul Beatty

they   clean   kotten awa
break apart appear naked   especially 
intelligence of the moon   identifies   dance  i am 
a poor rabbit   if we killed enjambment 
be a rabbit skinned   in my   beggar's heart
dirty   in   kotten awa   break apart   appear 
glowing in   top flight pleasure   
yourself a moment of corrective punishment 
waking all the   moon identities dance the dance of i am
a poor what if   we killed enjambments   be a   hare 
in   my beggar's heart   dashed again in   kotten awa 
break apart   appear glowing in the news? — no
deceit   in my beggar's   heart
made whole in   kotten awa   then   break apart