Jill Soloway

mechanical arm
lowers raises

wavy red hair pink skin
dry brown desert crunch so
what? sliced blue cow the transforming
grill blanket warm skin so
what if you’re wrong?

now you want to make art
with cacti shriveling in the
sunset? that’s the worst
thing you could have said

what do you do with a want
who’s abandoned? there is actually
a woman there on the timber deck
wading into the grey pool

the waves
peeling back
into the ocean

to contain myself
again what if i
refused i

Don’t Appear Howling

Wikipedia Poem, No. 487


compartments no compartments than what? 
then what that sound of intense emotion 

death blowing across 
vacant valley no-lines shot across compartments 

no compartments no lines 
between valleys 

no lines between compartments 
no compartmentalizing then what? the 

sound of intense emotion is 
the sound of 

of death crawling across the valley 
of lines sounded across death 

blown across a vacant compartment 
than what then what 

the sound of intense emotional death blowing across 
a vacancy 

lines between compartments 
no lines between them then

tan man meandering 
men rather than meant

House Should Appear to be Hovering in Space

Wikipedia Poem, No. 486


hangstar bendstar 
    in supersonic 
sound on wax
    father's affect you receive 
one in 
the air 

report this suspension 
    technique max-herald 
    in midair seraphim
    sense force 
and small scientists 
need to employ

emtpy because 
    you left
receive one house 
should appear to be hovering in space
because you recorded 
    uncertain unstellar star bendstar 
    fastenstar staystar

    glorious styptic 
show followed by speakers 
and floatstars bendstars stay up in 
    planes crash 
in speakers as 
temporary stop job hangstar bendstar 
up in 
    these paternal jags 

support of an effervescent decision
    this performance    weeks before 
is only a