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Wikipedia Poem, No. 478

“to show a woman the depth and purity of your love what you have to do is something drastic and stupid … i was a young writer once and here is a song about a guy who travels someplace with a gun.” John Darnielle
what you think!
         cohesive essay 
       what obscure track 
tricks from a guitar darnielle's for going on 
fifteen years now 
        maybe a bit of sweet fruit 
more than i imagined 
         to do with a pencil and early in contrast time 
heard once that the importance of 
what happened is realizing that a 
    half-measure is but one of autotune 
a much derided to 
entrust his songs 
  i remember fondly the twelve bar 
back of a guy 
        in late-night 
         post-production voices led to sour platforms should 
come bar blues from 
         an acolyte of an 
acolyte of rap i imagined  
saying that obscure travers 
that asymmetrical little bead 
that twelve back 
from a guy on the internet 
         blogs led 
     by craven narcoleptics

Personal Poem

“I weep for all of these or laugh.” Ted Berrigan
i meant to say something about light
i raze light not your light and
not artificial light    what of the artificial then?
an ungainly freudian monolith
gargantuan simple fleshy    constructed
of shit found in the tv street    about light

input output welding welded expository writing    damaged categoricals
empathy    but     there's always a corollary-but with men
who lick their long waisted fingers    clean of light
let's not talk of chivalry or boyhood    manhood    let's don't mention
one's compensation for time lost
    while mistakenly incarcerated
me daffodil lazy under laundered blanket   you baseless and imaginary

i meant to say something to you about lightness in chaos
clutter razes light not your lightness   aloof
a poof    proof of what makes one    the fleet-footed slave of truth
i meant to say something outloud    but i sank into the ocean    to you
with the rowers and singing maidens and maidenchasers
and the mist which unnoticed        by anyone not me    unmoored
    flares eternal
guides the way home

Source: Berrigan, Ted. “Words for Love.” An Anthology of New York Poets, edited by Ron Padgett and David Shapiro. Random House, New York, 1970, p. 61.