now outside are scary things
out there children play
other bells ring out then
cease with mouths and thin skin
everything with clout is immediate and
blood waits for a bout below layers of paper

my dog watches a goldfinch
with her nose she cries
and whines complains
or does not understand the screen
a hinge creaks between
her wet nose in here and her memory
of sprinting
of the dry grass
on her brown back
of the unexpected
pizza crust she looks into me

with the excited eyes of a middle-aged
woman who in 2017 bravely enrolls
in an online poetry course
the TA refuses to insist
Frank O’Hara’s Personal Poem
has nothing to do with her
racial hangups he lost

his sobriety and everything
is unshakably out of control.

Do Not Provoke the Creatures Nature has Armed

Wikipedia Poem, No. 415


“Try to keep them, poet, / those erotic visions of yours. / Put them, half-hidden, in your lines. / Try to hold them, poet …” Cavafy via Twombly

 or the 
        like diana and low focus spearmen need or the 
       after hunt 
      option how must they  
not be foolish beware 
random chancea
low focus 
spearmen need or eyes and she 
higher young hunt option
foolish boar  
bewareings beware
  of cattle she holds him 
       in low focus 
spearmen need or 
   bravening shade 
and do 
spearmen must 
      holds him and finds that she indeed 
holds him 
and a low focus spearman must work 
towering boars 
      towards that achievement 
and do spearmen need 
   saying boar the spearman need 
or fail the after 
         hunt option how 
  one should not train into  
beware of 
  holds him as a hanging spear