Wikipedia Poem, No. 389

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“We never knew closer / sisters, stronger trees, / tighter clans, wilder / fires. Where can we / go if not to each other, / resenting every step?” Brenda Shaughnessy

         taste any justice
         oxygen from water 
then study in         of pain

when and wariness—illustrate the why
situational italics when wise 
rubbed to a head—includes 
experienced painkillers
         focused on what would be a       
reflex animal subject
of frozen birds rattling / in the cold 
inflicted on the what and wariness—illustrates who
         rise for example 

research exceeding response 
rather than responding
         their ways 
         studied   pain   

and profited, biblically, 
acetic acid         of nociceptors 
or behave nervous
         their taxonomic class is neophobic 
meaning those researchers evidence         

whatever sits / counting the minutes 
till you die
who were in pain 


Contains fragments from Amiri Baraka's "The Liar".

Wikipedia Poem, No. 388


evening not 
        open in the maté  
        and why? 

   probably it backs into this 
       poem is his 
          catch his poem is 
       safe from couples 
        swallowing will not crack open 
on a pier 
at noon 
in the maté grass

and prepared to toss it back 
in maine i worry that perhaps 
the sitcom couples swallowing leak lemony acid 
my powerful tongue 
    the maté 
         grass and a blur i know brazilian 
         jiu jitsu i am probably 
safe from couples swallowing 
lemony acid all 
      over my