Wikipedia Poem, No. 348


“The first and perhaps most fundamental [rule] involves the proposition that form cannot materialize or mutate unless it struggles against resistance in the process … [This proposition exists in and around] a ritualized realm of competition, exhibition, and idolization that is associated in our collective cultural unconscious with masculine identity.” Nancy Spector

result despite
the monuments

are still

in modern-day roubaix
sunday concern
mechanical profession

difficult condition
annually the esteem
the result the queen

tyre puncture road
the school then
indifficult in its raphaelite

symmetries of iconogram
what separates whom
from scene when

the school
of the artistic

all changelings
perfect figure
quiet scholars

sol of socrates
as it appears
to earth far removed

by windows that
third wave elevates
the fresco

and aristotle
quite wrong
echoes emphasis

Wikipedia Poem, No. 347


“The lobsters in the pot are screaming / Inside the reddening roar. / Your aproned ghost keeps boiling more, keeps boiling more, / And turns to serve the gore.” Frederick Seidel


the weather

the hull of the ship

a nautical order
keeps weather
a distant blip

apart aloof a gage
of windy thrusts
keeps the quartered slip

quartered further against
the gage of rain
from gagging grip