Wikipedia Poem, No. 293



and some anarchy
the book nineteen
sixty three notes salarium

or issues by a burrow
later tears in the grind
letters written itself the concept

and books concepts thee burrow
early demonstrations of
beyond not long a purple-assed

baboon not a long letter is
in the amazon two burrow is
chronicle in novel anarchy salt

Wikipedia Poem, No. 292



earlier decade baboon
on a broom a novel beyond
book burrow and appoint

but that the letters double
subsequently helix-like
issued by a bellow a burrow

well written be blood omitted
oliver did edit beyond thee letters
first taught baboon wrote books

in concept books
was issued as was
a chapbook binds a baboon

Wikipedia Poem, No. 291



i was written by oliver for american niceties
long after texts to unite established second-piece
thoughts and early demonstrations of sextants

of the letters redux united
from not united or not the long
book edition in april two thousand

and six might be concepts books
might be another wicked burrow
omitted itself published from the back

to themselves include burrow through fact largely
fabricanted niceties long after texts nineteen fifty
three boxes of letters written by thee united