Wikipedia Poem, No. 267

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“On the wall is a spot: the painter sneezed / … or dirt, / or is it a cousin back from the dead / yearning to touch brows. / The spot is not monochrome; red is with that gray. / It is … a cell beset by virus. / Really, I don’t know. So much business thins me out. / And now voices approach: they are spheres, textured.” Kleinzahler


direct pinesap sunlight sight recede
fundament unnerving receiver
function over fabrication consider this

future clasping scales study and synprecept
rich woodland sights sunlight retractable specific-
developed neuroscientific union

of committee glans stretch the canyon tip
commonly suggests 95 percent in utero make art
in utero enhanced thought through thunder

between metonymy and metaphor innervated mucous memory
‘s saprophyte defaces coin retractable specific
developing through time with wine considered raceme

retractable boy fairly stretchable roots of pine and oak
man fairly stretchable specific developed analyses suspend mental
syntheses overstimulates unfastening copper cage door


Source: Kleinzahler, August. “The Interior Decorator on Sunday.” Live from the Hong Kong Nile Club: Poems, 1975-1990. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2000. Print. Page 31.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 266


“Pyrrho, the one who built such an amusing science out of ignorance … [sometimes suffered] being incised and cauterized with such constancy that he was not seen even to blink.” Montaigne


marrow suppressed memories
eithermore salable images indirectly spring
somatologic malignancies of ontology:

cloud sides breathe interior concerns
erected by a crew in public view
heavy as heaven harvest between blinks

callused tradition conceives the park bench
memory shielding the sculpture the body from
the breath the disaster the doubt cast cave-in

Wikipedia Poem, No. 265


“Vex thyself not through all thy wanderings, / through all thy vagrant course from land to land / Vex thyself not, if but there be to hand / A hut, a fire for warmth, and simple things / For food—a cake, kneaded from trough of stone / Relished with mint or thyme, or salt alone.” Leonidas


prefer to discuss who disgusts
one avoid this phrase as a mewet
on the gibbous moon of dry ink

distinction as plosive implies third eye
and creative nasal cones deflect áphōnon
one avoids this phrase altogether in order to prefer

one must not call an unreleased burst plosive
through sounds inaccurate one doesn’t know where one
comes from nor does one particularly matter



Source: Dudley, Donald R. “A History of Cynicism from Diogenes to the 6th Century A.D.” London: Methuen, 1937. Print. Page 115.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 263


“When poets discover that their words refer only to words and not to a reality which must be described as faithfully as possible, they despair.” Czeslaw Miłosz, Witness of Poetry


in this venomous season of anywhere
one comments on becoming underscored
and the commentary thus weathers the arena
setting sea immortable face in the stones
and no fire-stance of armed wit the arachnid
worldwide scions magic and live engagement
the remarks disapproximately
appropriate the demagogue

any patterns carve an ultima land-
scape in appearance of great various
kingdoms both to introduce creative sorcery
where two lapidary chains accord who apparently
of the body of the spirit of hume into those works
by character the eight-armed levee of healing

Wikipedia Poem, No. 262


“She waits, trying / to have the best song on as we arrive. / The moon is blurred. / Our helicopters are shooting at field-workers. / The Mets are down 3-1 in the 6th.” August Kleinzahler


library pieces monk online
pieces of golden eyes genre
and president the crowds

in this blistering comment crows
there wins the fracture tap bemoan
in this bemusing a bone

public library pieces blush upwind
reports with fronts of anywhere
one comment the demograph

reactionary instances of great
various kings who estuary of
governing piece eyes no start

and monk online great meat
various weatherself to wonder with
deals a monk blush monk blush blush

a monk a blush a monk
the blush the monk a blush the monk
the blush monk a blush the monk blush


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Overgrown Hops, Livingston Manor, N.Y., July 2016


The least desirable male model in the room.
Che figata! The sweet, sticky, glowing
World fills the artist’s pocket. That claimed room.
It bleats with importance. Vibrates. He reaches down
And finds his hand bleeding.

The artist, meanwhile, glowers,
Designing dry, private experiments with black masses
Infrequently transcribing what he divines
In the lab notebook to whom he is married:

Not clever enough
Not smart enough
Not wealthy enough
Not sensitive enough
Not hungry enough
Yet, there he is, enough.
Still life of the artist without father:

Findings inconclusive and forgotten.
Wrong number. Au gratin.

He intuits something young,
And asks: Why bother taking the test?
He’ll all be dead soon. And all the rest?

Dead and fine. He lines up
In front of the urinal
Panting like a gladiator.

Sad, spineless and the quite-possibly-alive emoji.
The pistol. The butcher’s knife. The optimistic turd. The sword, then.


Too much sensuality to dissolve
On the tip of the tongue
and him, unable to pay
much attention to anything, if I remember correctly.

John Ashbery loves to astute his assay:
August Kleinzahler adores his ma in Fort Lee:
Czeslaw Milosz, I hope you cherish the artist’s unencumbered flesh,
Decomposing in cubes on the couch
While he Googles for a definite vision of the divine
In an apple tree. (Another fucking apple tree.)

The least desirable male specimen
In this corner of his universe. Si, si.
Che figata! Strafigo! Abbastanza bene!

The dry, publicly traded world
Makes a bittersweet killing
Selling AAPL sky high at $139.

The artist mistakes a half-breed fig
For the bud of a flowering apple tree.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 261


“No one easily / survives love; neither the love / one has, nor the love / one has not; they break down / in the red smoke blown up / of the day when all love will have gone on.” Galway Kinnell


        not desperate not desperate 
        desperate not desperate not desperate not 

desperate not desperate 

not desperate 

desperate not desperate not 
desperate not desperate 

  not desperate not 
desperate not desperate not desperate not 
         desperate not desperate not desperate not 

desperate not desperate 
      not desperate not 
desperate not desperate not 

desperate not desperate 

not desperate not desperate not desperate 
desperate not desperate not 

         desperate not thirsty in the 
rolling fighting flat white house paint a well-used 
drop cloth

Wikipedia Poem, No. 260


“the joy that watches itself go away”


double the hexasaccharide
click on the lysozyme namely
glu35 green open heart mechanically

abundant mucopolysaccharides probably
similar to this acid glu35 green and
n-acetylglucosamine at the hydrolysis pub

in rapid bacteria this enzyme
in birds-lyse namely glu35 green
but mechanically separated

the weakening cell wall
carbon x-lysis in vertebrates
mild detergent doubling back



“unalloyed pleasure”

“As the internet grows in the next 10, 15 years and virtual reality pornography becomes a reality, we’re going to have to develop some real machinery inside our guts to turn off pure unalloyed pleasure or—I don’t know about you—but I’m going to have to leave the planet. Because the technology is just going to get better and better, and it’s going to get easier and easier to sit alone with images on a screen given to us by people who do not love us but want our money. Which is fine in low doses, but if it’s the main staple of your diet, you’re going to die. In a very meaningful way you’re going to die.”




  • End of the Tour. Dir. James Ponsoldt. Perf. Jason Segel. A24. 2015. Film.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 259

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“At the heart of all the proclaimed love of abstractions and absolutes there is the characteristic inability to love actual persons, or to forgive them.” Les Murray


the burst actor’s aura releases itself
issues film today fans adore slicehead
macho rough in reverse above all else and

sporty macho rough-and-spores some gangsters follow
tough-and-tough-and-tough who pledge to cardboard
aura releases friday then fires cinema with one iconic

burn in his guffaw friday then trails off
for lenten roles like rilke and rambo to focus on-screens
his first reel role the long face an industry superhero

unstable yet no less of skin after 10 pm he is its fits
he is the big-budget movie’s kiln he is the movie’s kin
after 10 pm he is its film unstable yet no less of skin