A Passing Storm


“A Passing Storm”, Frederic Edwin Church, 1849


There was a woman
Thirty feet ahead
Sandals and rainbow

Knee socks dreadlocks
Tied into a loose
Ponytail tank top

The grave color
Of a passing storm
There was a woman

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counting dead at
the airport terminal
the line begins

to the left
as does each
subsequent sentence ends

in punctuation the
point of convention?
disambiguation terminates belief

“realism documentation file 1”


“Fresco Supertoy”

realism documentation file 1
man breaks muscled horse
like streams of cake batter
unrealistic currant red anatomy
study asparagus white anatomy
study studying studied while he fell down without
his eyes utterly empty yet san-
guine bestride the library steps
append musculature map room stampede

october april albert oehlen
the you kay recedes act now
york jump up contemporary
art museums market
enter via zurich near
erasmus exhales newspaper
post-retrospektive photography
live living lived the venice biennial
cycles selective resins develop
by the left reactions from
london says yet another hit