Wikipedia Poem, No. 236


“Pardon my past, because, you know, / it was like all one piece. / It can’t have escaped your escaped your attention / that I would argue.” John Ashbery


precipitating spirit-quickening phlegm
stopping food accumulation squishing
blood-dispelling bleeding spit-wicking

orifice-opening movement of water
dispelling spirit respelling liver
yang-fortifying astriction-promoting

blood-nourishing supplement gushing
spirit-quake external application
promoting blood-upselling

orifice-opening blood-scattering
qi-suppressing blood-nourishing
damp-dispersing phlegm-transforming

Wikipedia Poem, No. 235


birth nature first then rethink people
organize all things accurately
these are mirthful gestures

imagine then precise pantomime
reinventing poetic ethics yearly
do not work hard the economy

here is too small nature winds
like wild kudzu grasps parallel
movement of its slight creators

you did this job right you
say your pussy is tight say
specifically of its motherly gestures