Wikipedia Poem, No. 231


“The court said it felt ‘deep regret’ at Mr. Marhanka’s death.” New York Times, 17 June 2016


teacher the court asks
a serpent lost his neck
the newspaper replies

four years the inmate asks
a newspaper replies four years
the inmate invents impulse

remember this birth in changhua
the court says no you have
no wife impossible he says

but his throat was his door
with a prison conviction
over the serpent’s tongue

marijuana in his throat
the interpreter’s hiss witness
language anything possible


Source: Ramzy, Austin. “American Kills Himself in Taiwan Court After 4-Year Drug Sentence.” New York Times 17 June 2016. Web. 17 June 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 230

APTOPIX Bangladesh Ramadan

“withdraws her right hand / from her left elbow / withdraws her left hand / from her right elbow / hides her face / with her hands” Ghérasim Luca


The purchased, by a hate group,  lands knowledge publishing subscribers into the land’s main newspapers. The wild time describers bomb that man—as one of the land in time described by main newspapers groups upon and on declines purchase by a hate group. The leader’s corpse whose, whose, whose who killed a corpse, whose choosing, whose, whose who killed the corpse, whose hose knows, whose who considers the suspect’s information called the organization for corpses. Who’s killed to make a street.

Information, called the alliance, once—once, once, once, once, once, once, once, once, once—the group, to the group, to the alliance. Once, once upon a land supported that group and the group dated the suspect in time. The man paid currency for materials from the alliance and, once, once, once, once, once it’s leading the group on and on a decline after the land. The man supported that the group’s reporters relevant information, data, referents included a street, and a book of land.