Wikipedia Poem, No. 219


Dulling eyesight. Cryptic internal negotiations—fraud, the host imagines. A syphoning off of lifeforce. To whom? For what purpose?


that he is loved 
     in the details now
     radiograph of an arthropod 

that he is loved 
     fluorescent under gamma
     radiation produces ample light 

that he is loved
     and loves this procedure
     this flicking idea biolumined 

that he is loved
     dinoflagellates swallow night 
     an organism excited within bioglyphs 

that he is loved 
     motile and feeding on prayers
     like sea turtles and scorpions flog up the flagpole 

that he is loved 
     shines brilliantly online
     rise and fan out cnidaria over form



Wikipedia Poem, No. 218


“We too are products … cultural products. We too will become obsolete. The functioning of the system is identical—with the difference that, in general, there is no obvious technical or functional improvement; all that remains is the demand for novelty in its pure state.” from Michel Houellebecq, “The Map and the Territory”


politics local reactance
previews the people and
if you will have me america

the republic changes
people under coercive society
dominate racial cultural race

change anyway times
the machine efforts younger
american society and time

those who riff endlessly rebutting
american white change probably
see movement as birth

in american changes this defines
the year americans by that america
will mean for you performance

before this always happens
as america will mean what
bit this further what licked this



Bump, Philip. “The Louis C.K. Theory of Donald Trump.” Washington Post 2 June 2011. Web. 2 June 2016.